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Standing Order Information

The standing order would be taken out on a monthly basis and is £54 for 30 mins or £108 for 60 mins. Ideally, if you could set up the standing order as close to the start of the month as possible it would be appreciated.

This payment is spread across 12 months and takes into consideration the 8 weeks we take off at Christmas, Easter, Summer and Autumn half term as holidays.

The school closure dates are listed on our website if you want to make a note.

We calculate the standing order based on the 8 weeks we have off throughout the year. So we take the remaining 44 weeks in the year then spread the amount. You’re not charged for any weeks we have off as holidays.

£54.00 x 12 months = £648.00 / 44 lesson weeks = £14.72 per weekly 30 min lesson
£108.00 x 12 months = £1,296.00 / 44 lesson weeks = £29.45 per weekly hour lesson

Any lessons cancelled within the 24 hour cancellation window will be noted and caught up within these 8 week holidays to catch up. No refunds will be issued from April 2024, instead lesson credits will be added up to your account and taken within the 8 weeks holidays.

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