Dronfield Music Tuition

Getting started with private music lessons...

One to one music lessons are the quickest and easiest way to start or improve playing a musical instrument. Our friendly, expert tutors provide dedication and support right from the beginning and will tailor lessons to suit you.

They will provide support, answer questions and provide tips and methods for continuing practice at home. With private lessons, you can learn whatever you want. Maybe there is a specific style or genre you want to learn or maybe you want to learn to take music exams/grades.

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What instruments do we teach?...

Dronfield Music Tuition

Early Years

Music making for your little ones!

Rehearsal Room

Get the band together for a jam!

Violin Lessons

Get your bow ready!

Clarinet Lessons

Express yourself on the clarinet!

Saxophone Lessons

Create some ambience on the sax!

Mandolin Lessons

Learn the versatile mandolin

Banjo Lessons

Make some happy sounds!

Piano Lessons

Hands on, lets make some music!

Guitar Lessons

Electric, acoustic, classical…take your pick!

Singing Lessons

Want to sing but don’t know if you can?

Drum Lessons

Put your sticks together, lets hit it!

Ukulele Lessons

Easy to handle and fun to learn!

Bass Guitar Lessons

Let’s play some funky bass riffs!

Flute Lessons

Create beautiful melodies on the flute!

Music Theory

It’s all in the theory!

Exam Support

Take the stress out of your exam prep!

Band Sessions

Learn to play in a band. Let’s rock!

Music Production

Learn how to mix, edit and record some hits!

Dronfield Music Tuition

What happens in my first music lesson?

Your tutor will look forward to welcoming you to Dronfield Music Tuition!

You will be shown around our music school and its facilities. In the teaching rooms, you will start to discuss what you want to learn and what you want to get out of your lessons.

You can discuss what styles and genres you're interested in and what songs you'd love to learn, theories you'd like to know and techniques you'd like to be shown. Your tutor will then be able to create the perfect map for your musical development, enabling you to progress quickly.

If you're coming to us to improve your skills, we'll be able to assess what level you're at and get you to the next level!

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Ready to get started?

...or do you have any unanswered questions? Drop us a quick message and we'll be happy to discuss