Say hello to Tom! One of our Guitar Tutors here at Dronfield Music Tuition.

Tom started out as an electric guitar player and was initially inspired to play by the big 90’s and early noughties rock bands. He began playing in bands and a little later got into teaching in 2008.

Tom picked up a few other instruments including Laúd and Balalaika, although we don’t know if this counts being a multi-instrumentalist since these aren’t a million miles away from guitar. They’re fun though, and they’ve opened up some cool gigs and opportunities over the years for him.

He did a degree in Music and Music Technology and later on, an MA in music performance. Tom is currently gigging with a few groups and teaching, so has a nice level of variety.

More about Tom:

Current live music projects include a jazz manouche group, a bossa nova group and a rock tribute band. Apart from music, Tom likes long distance running, cycling and seeing the world.

A little bit more about guitar tutor Tom:
  • Favourite song: “No idea! A ‘big four’ pivotal artists for me at different ages would be Nirvana, Steve Vai, Gogol Bordello and Django Reindhardt, so maybe something from one of those”
  • Can’t live without: “Besides music, olive oil!”
  • Break-time snack: “Pumpkin seeds”
  • Fact about Tom: “Cool fact…I got an official invite from the Cuban government to perform there. Embarrassing fact…I fell flat on my back onstage in front of about 1,000 people and the guy who runs/books the Shangrila stage at Glastonbury”

Tom – Guitar Tutor

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