Parisa, a music teacher from Shiraz, Iran, specializes in piano, flute recorder, and the Orff-Schulwerk approach. With 9 years of teaching expertise, she guides students on their musical journeys. Parisa’s commitment to education earned her a Master’s degree with Distinction in Arts and Education from Newcastle University, where she delved into innovative pedagogies and contributed to the field by publishing papers in Music Education.

Passionate about engaging children in music, Parisa combines the Orff-Schulwerk approach with interactive games, making classes enjoyable. Beyond teaching, she translated chapters of “The Art of Teaching Piano” into Persian, supporting Iranian educators. Parisa’s commitment extends to being a content creator and speaker for music podcasts in Iran.

Her impact goes beyond the classroom as she conducted musical workshops on World Children’s Day, using the Orff-Schulwerk approach to emphasize both music and children’s social responsibilities.

A little bit more about Tutor Parisa:
  • Favourite songs: “The Fantasia in F minor by Franz Schubert, D.940 (Op. posth.103)”
  • Can’t live without: “My family”
  • Break-time snack: “Coffee with Koluche Nokhod ( Persian cookies)”
  • Fun fact about Parisa: “I love eating cheese snacks for every meal!”

Parisa – Piano & Flute Tutor

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