Say hi to Antigoni! One of our Piano Tutors here at Dronfield Music Tuition.

Antigoni is a pianist and a singer originally from Cyprus, but now living and working in Sheffield as a performer and instrumental tutor since completing her Music degree at The University of Sheffield. Though Antigoni began her musical journey as a Classical pianist, during her time at University and as a freelance performer she chose to explore and experiment with other genres of music by being part in various projects and ensembles of different philosophies.

Examples include the multimedia project “Eikona” which involves music inspired by photography, the trio “Paint or Pollen”; with influences from folk, minimalist and contemporary European Jazz, “Inner”; a project by the harpist and composer Manon McCoy which draws on influences from the natural world and the groups’ collective experiences of womanhood and “Emergence Collective” which focuses on minimalistic improvisation. Moreover, Antigoni is part of a duo with guitar and vocals/piano focusing on Jazz and Pop music.

More about Antigoni:

As a teacher, she always aims to tailor the lessons around the student and their musical goals. She is understanding, friendly and patient. Antigoni recognises that every student has the potential to become a great musician through hard work and fun! Altogether she is always willing to develop musically through different projects and activities that challenge her abilities and enrich her knowledge. Above all, she is a tremendous asset to Dronfield Music Tuition.

A little bit more about Piano Tutor Antigoni:
  • Favourite songs:  “Bird set free” by Sia
  • Can’t live without: “My dogs and my books!”
  • Break-time snack: “A KitKat is all I need!”
  • Fun fact about Antigoni:  “I was in the basketball team during school even though I am less than 160 cm (5.2 feet), and I am terrified of spiders”

Antigoni – Piano Tutor

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